Failing to carry out a Inventory for your property can often prove costly, leaving property owners with expensive bills!

Maybe you have been fortunate, having previous tenants who looked after and respected your property.

However, future tenants may not be as trustworthy!

What would you do if the following were to occur?

  • A tenant stole an item/items from your property
  • A tenant made alterations within your property which were not authorised such as removing doors, installation of shelves, shoddy decoration, etc
  • A tenant did not maintain your property adequately, leaving you with expensive restoration bills and unnecessary void periods.

Maybe this has already happened to you??

Without an inventory you are likely to find yourself without the legal right to claim any compensation or payment, as it would be difficult to prove the condition of the property prior to the tenancy commencing.

Our service helps to ensure your investment is kept safe in the event of deliberate / negligent damage caused by tenants.


When the tenant moves in we can attend in order to carry out the inventory/check-in or do them both together.

We use modern technology to take inventories enabling us to record more detailed entries quickly & efficiently, saving you money.

Our clerks have good property knowledge and an understanding of what is needed so that if the inventory is needed as evidence in the future it will successfully protect your investment.



Throughout the duration of the tenancy we can attend periodically to carry out an interim/mid-term inspection.

This will help provide a clear picture of how the tenant(s) are treating your property and allows you to proactively keep on top of any maintenance issues, keeping costs to a minimum.


Check out

When the tenant moves out we can attend to take a check out report and compare to our or any other previous reports.

This ensures that no loss of damage has occurred throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Using this service allows you to easily monitor  the progress of your tenancies, react positively to any issues and reduce the potential of horrible void periods at the end of tenancies.

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